‘Raiga: God of the Monsters’ Trailer Rips Off Godzilla in the Most Low-Budget Way Possible

By Johnny Brayson April 17, 2020

  It’s no secret that we love all things Godzilla here at COMET, and who can blame us? When it comes to movie monsters, Godzilla is undoubtedly the king. And just with anyone who’s the best at what they do, Godzilla has seen a number of imitators come and go over the years. The latest...

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Get Your First Look at the ‘Dune’ Reboot with These Character Images

By Johnny Brayson April 16, 2020

  Filming may have been halted on movie productions worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic, but post-production goes on for a number of highly-anticipated upcoming films. That includes director Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of the classic sci-fi novel Dune, which has just released its first images.   The film boasts an impressive cast, and we get...

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Elvira Shares Throwback Video From Long-Lost Theme Park Ride

By Johnny Brayson April 15, 2020

  With everyone quarantined due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people are constantly in search of new content to keep themselves entertained. That includes horror host legend Elvira, who dug up some truly inspiring content from her past and shared it on social media.   Elvira took to her Instagram page to unveil a trippy...

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Godzilla and His Friends Are Set to Conquer Magic the Gathering

By Johnny Brayson April 13, 2020

  Anytime there is a crossover between two different nerdy franchises, it’s a reason for excitement. Like those comics where Superman met Spider-Man, or the film Freddy vs Jason. And a newly announced multimedia franchise crossover might be the nerdiest — and the coolest — we’ve ever heard of.   Godzilla and several other Kaiju...

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How ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Changed Sci-fi TV Forever

By Johnny Brayson April 10, 2020

  When it comes to the greatest science-fiction television series of all time, only a handful of series are ever seriously in the conversation. Star Trek, The X-Files, Doctor Who… and Battlestar Galactica. The reboot of a campy ’70s series wasn’t expected to change the course of science-fiction when it debuted as a miniseries in...

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Zombies Run Wild in the First Trailer for ‘Train to Busan’ Sequel ‘Peninsula’

By Johnny Brayson April 9, 2020

  There have been so many zombie movies made over the past decade that every time another one is announced, it tends to elicit a yawn and an eye-roll. But when the latest zombie movie happens to be the sequel to one of the greatest examples in the history of the genre, well, that actually...

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Here’s Your First Look at Steve Carell’s New Sci-Fi Sitcom ‘Space Force’

By Johnny Brayson April 8, 2020

  Ever since Steve Carell departed The Office back in 2011, the status of television sitcoms has been considerably less funny. Well, that’s about to change because Carell is blasting off in a new sitcom called Space Force, and the series has just unveiled its first images.   In the show, Carell portrays a four-star...

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Meet the Creepiest Realtor Ever in This ‘Vivarium’ Clip

By Johnny Brayson April 6, 2020

  Too often, sci-fi thrillers end up with an absence of actual thrills thanks to an overreliance on old tropes. But once in a while, we’re treated to a wildly inventive new sci-fi thriller that restores our faith in the genre, and the new movie Vivarium is looking like it’s going to be one of...

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Gerard Butler Has to Save His Family in Comet Disaster Movie ‘Greenland’

By Johnny Brayson April 3, 2020

  Gerard Butler has gotten pretty good at saving the day on the big screen. From his terrorist-battling Fallen franchise to the ridiculous 2017 disaster movie Geostorm, Butler’s late-career has seen him play the hero more often than not. Now, he’s at it again in another sci-fi tinged disaster movie called Greenland— and it looks...

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Ryan Gosling to Star in ‘The Martian’ Author’s Next Sci-Fi Film, ‘The Hail Mary’

By Johnny Brayson April 2, 2020

  After an early career that was filled with indie dramas and romances, Ryan Gosling has lately come to embrace sci-fi and space epics. His last two films were the 2017 sci-fi sequel Blade Runner 2049 and the 2018 Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, and now the heartthrob is set to embrace the genre once...

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