Here’s How You Can Get Your Hands on a New 2017 DeLorean

By Kieran Dickson November 29, 2016

Always wanted to own your own DeLorean? Of course you have. It’s a beautiful piece of pure nostalgia on wheels, and you are, after all, only human. Unfortunately, ever since the DeLorean Motor Company tragically went into bankruptcy back in 1982, owning one of these beauties has become rather pricey. The release and success of...

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Asgardia Aims to Become the First Ever Space-Based Democracy

By Kieran Dickson November 28, 2016

There are many reasons to feel disenchanted with the way things are going down here on Earth right now, which makes it slightly less surprising that some humans are planning to distance themselves from our planet in a whole new way. More importantly, they’re now actively looking for people to join them. Asgardia is a...

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Lightsaber Dueling Schools Have Arrived in the US

By Kieran Dickson November 23, 2016

  Have you always wanted to emulate your Sith or Jedi heroes by becoming a lightsaber-wielding bad-ass? Well, there’s good news coming out of the Bay Area right now, because one of the world’s premiere Lightsaber dueling academies has opened in San Francisco, opening up the world of competitive Lightsaber battles to a whole new...

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Superfan Creates a Virtual Reality Stargate in His Bedroom

By Kieran Dickson March 3, 2016

It’s one of the moments that just about any sci-fi fan has always wanted to experience, but thanks to our lack of knowledge in wormhole transportation, stepping through a Stargate’s event horizon has long been a distant dream. That is until now…   While we’re still a long way off from actually creating a functional...

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