Friday the 13th: The Series

Watch Next Sun Apr 28 @ 11 am ET/PT
1987 • Drama, Horror
Micki Foster is the lucky niece who inherits an antique store from her Uncle Lewis. But this is no ordinary antique shop. Lewis made a deal with the devil -- in exchange for material wealth, he will sell cursed antiques. Micki, along with cousin Ryan and her partner, retired magician Jack, have the duty of recovering the antiques to be sealed in their basement, where the items can't cause more harm.

Episodes Airing Soon

The Mephisto Ring

The Mephisto Ring

A 1919 World Series ring claims a life for each tip to a compulsive gambler.

Sun Apr 28 @ 11:00 AM ET/PT
A Friend to the End

A Friend to the End

Micki's visiting nephew tells of a house where he saw a child presumed dead.

Sun May 5 @ 11:00 AM ET/PT
The Butcher

The Butcher

The swastika of a scientist revives a dead Nazi, who seeks revenge on Jack's old unit.

Sun May 5 @ 12:00 PM ET/PT

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